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Finally! I took a moment to breathe and reflect on writing my first major update. The first few weeks of Techstars' Mentor Madness are an incredible honor for anyone who's remotely aggravated from being overlooked.        

It's been months since I had a few hours to write down my thoughts and feelings about being accepted to Techstars. The back story is that an accelerator program turned us down in November 2021, and we didn't feel compelled to apply to YC for a billion reasons. Then, in December 2021, we immediately submitted to Overlooked Ventures and Techstars for assistance to reach the next level, but only Tré Baker came through for us. He understood my vision and the size of the market.    

"The housing industry is broken, and there are large segments of the population that aren't being served by existing solutions, "says Tré Baker, Managing Director, Techstars Build in Tulsa.  

"I accepted Workbnb into the Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator because they fill a huge gap with traveling workers and the companies that employ them, who aren't best served by hotels or vacation rentals. This is a huge market, so even capturing a small percentage of it would be a big win for Workbnb, Inc, and Techstars."

First, please allow me to begin by saying, "Wow!" We absolutely made the right decision for our users and ourselves by choosing to build in Tulsa! I'm not used to getting meeting after meeting so effortlessly. Honestly, the best way to describe the Techstars experience is "support overload," especially from a genuine place of respect! This kind of support gives us room to be obsessed with the problems more than our solutions, and our clients love us for it, including some of the founders of this inaugural cohort in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

"We're launching an indirect competitor app to Airbnb, but it's only for traveling workers."​ - Yeves Perez, Techstars 22'​

We're grateful to have first clients, early revenues, a Facebook group full of real hosts, and a two-sided waitlist full of champions, decision makers, economic buyers, influencers, technical buyers, users, and interested buyers.

And today, I was just schooled on fundraising by David Cohen, Co-founder, and Chairman of Techstars, which may have changed the trajectory of whom we receive investment capital.

Overall, the education and influence we're receiving in Tulsa to build the best booking platform with the highest value proposition (and moat) we can build. Text "Workbnb App" to 1-833-644-1906 to sign-up for BETA waitlist updates.

I sincerely look forward to giving another update very soon.  

"We're launching an indirect competitor app to Airbnb, but it's only for traveling workers."​ - Yeves Perez, Techstars 22'​

"Interest is not a commitment."  - David Cohen  

The Workbnb Movement continues! 🚀🚀🚀  

Workbnb Techstars 22'​

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