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The Workbnb App is a highly scalable, fast and secure travel booking platform for enterprise use.

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About workbnb

Workbnb is a Techstars Venture backed, B2B SAAS travel platform on a mission to accelerate the proliferation of workforce rental homes and improve the lives of millions traveling for work in the United States.

The Workbnb App is a highly scalable, fast and secure travel booking platform for enterprise use.

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Are you serious about hosting on the Workbnb platform? Pay NOW, get a number, and secure your spot in line as we prepare to onboard for the official Beta launch! Benefits for paying now include white glove onboarding this month and Beta-test bookings!

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Text "workbnb app" to 1-833-644-1906.

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We are a lean startup that built a community of workforce rental operators before we built a product. In 10 months, concept-turned-scalable solution has attracted more than 400 plus individual rental operators managing over 3000 properties.

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This looks like a very scalable product that can disrupt the market in a positive way. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

L.R. Weeden

Blown away by your startup! There will be many companies asking why they didn't think of this...

Matthew Parsons

Corporate Travel Editor
Learn the term Workforce Rental Home asap! @WorkbnbCEO is disrupting a couple of markets, while building a completely new one.

Travell Williams

Software Engineer
Yeves Perez and his team at Workbnb have made temporary housing for employees exponentially more efficient by offering a turn-key solution. I used to juggle multiple leases at various properties, furniture, late utility bills, etc. Workbnb has allowed me to focus on my primary role of running a business and my employees are happy, which makes me happy.

Seth Alexander


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