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The Workbnb App is a highly scalable, fast and secure travel booking platform for enterprise use. If boosting employee morale matters, sign up for BETA. Text "workbnb app" to 1-833-644-1906.

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We are a lean startup that built a community of workforce rental operators before we built a product. In 10 months, concept-turned-scalable solution has attracted more than 400 plus individual rental operators managing over 3000 properties. The Alpha test begins Jan 2022.

Q:  Do you see value in supporting traveling workers, and want to pivot away from vacation rentals to workforce rentals? Text "workforce rentals" to 1-833-644-1906 or click learn more.

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"Airbnb-Like Startup for Blue Collar Workers Boosted by U.S. Infrastructure Spend"

Millions more essential workers could be hitting the road in the coming years, thanks to Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. And that’s a lot of bookings for all travel companies, if they're prepared to do their homework early on. January 28th, 2022 at 2:30 AM EST
Written by Matthew Parsons, Corporate Travel Editor
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Yeves Perez founded Workbnb last year after spotting an opportunity to house workers involved in major building and repair projects, switching an existing business (started by his mother) from vacation to workforce rental homes.

"Blown away by your startup! There will be many companies asking why they didn't think of this..." - Parsons

These rentals were also a tool to boost employee morale, he added — a hot topic as millions of people quit their jobs. Click here to read more.

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