Chairman & CEO

As Chief Executive of Workbnb, Inc., I am ten thousand percent committed to the mission we set forth and to growing our team. I believe housing people is the lord's work, and my job is to lead fearlessly.

The Workbnb team is so excited to be in this Very Special Cohort with 12 (take a big deep breath) Black-led tech companies for the inaugural kick-off of Techstars' newest city, "Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator."  


Techstars 22 All Black CEO cohort Build In Tulsa

We're not just here to build our companies. We're living the dreams of our ancestors. We're leading the way for the next million fearless founders! We're building real tech companies to solve real problems.It feels so good to report that Reno's 'Biggest Little Black-led Startup' is now a Techstars venture-backed company.

Personally, it felt extra gratifying to update our profiles with Techstars 22'. The news also gets better and better. Our Managing Director is a Black thought leader, a published author, business strategist, and investor, Tré Baker, who accepted us after another program turned us down four months prior.  

Here's what Tre' had to say:  "The housing industry is broken, and there are large segments of the population that aren't being served by existing solutions, "says Tré Baker, Managing Director, Techstars Build in Tulsa.

"I accepted Workbnb into the Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator because they fill a huge gap with traveling workers and the companies that employ them, who aren't best served by hotels or vacation rentals. This is a huge market, so even capturing a small percentage of it would be a big win for Workbnb, Inc, and Techstars."  

Techstars 22 All Black CEO cohort Build In Tulsa

Every single day, the experience has been exhilarating as well as nurturing. I often reminisce on our humble beginnings and challenges bootstrapping Workbnb, especially when people doubted us despite our first client success and early revenue.   Today, we're kicking ass and taking names! Tulsa has treated us so well and rolled out the red carpet in the form of introductions that generate more early revenue!

Here's a brief rundown of my favorite highlights so far:

101 Strategy sessions with Tre' (indispensable)

The office environment and support from Aba N. Hammond and Britni Nixon (Wow)

The connections via EIR Lawrence Watkins and Peter Mullen (big moves)

The community that wanted us here: George Kaiser Family Foundation, Build in Tulsa, inTulsa, etc. (thank you)

Mentor Madness (gas on the fire)

Many interested investors


Techstars 22 All Black CEO cohort Build In Tulsa

We're so blessed to be surrounded by brilliant founders from around the world, encouraging us daily to keep building our great product. I'm so proud to be in this cohort, and I won't change one thing. We are doing things together as a cohort, and we're invested in each other's growth.  

We share our experiences openly, and the mentors tell us exactly what we need to hear. Workbnb's next step is to bring all this momentum together and begin onboarding to the platform. I also want to get on "Earn Your Leisure," so fingers crossed.  

Thank you, everyone, for your support! Thank you to our Board of Directors, investors, and advisors!   We can do anything!

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments. #workbnb #blackintech #techstars  

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